Master D. H. Kim has been studying and teaching Tae Kwon Do since 1954.  He is the
highest ranking Tae Kwon Do master in Southern Arizona.  While still in Korea, Master
Kim taught Tae Kwon Do for Kyung Hee University, the Korean air Force, and a variety
of private industries.  When he moved to Tucson in 1973, Master Kim opened Tae Kwon
Do Chung Do Kwan Schools Tucson (
"TCS Tucson"), which is the oldest Tae Kwon Do
school in Arizona.  He also taught classes for the Pima county Sheriff's Academy.
Our Style - Tae Kwon Do is a Korean martial art which has been practiced for over 2,000 years.  Roughly
translated, Tae kwon Do means the art of punching and kicking.  It is a method of unarmed combat that utilizes
the skilled application of kicks, punches, blocks, dodges, and interceptions with the sole purpose of providing a
superior means of self defense.  TCS Tucson is the only Tucson school that offers traditional Tae kwon Do as it
was originally instructed
Our students are men, women, and children of all ages and walks of life, who take the classes for a wide variety
of reasons.  Students receive a private lesson before starting in a beginner's class and gradually progressing
through more advanced classes.  Classes are offered six days a week. At our school, Master Kim personally
teaches both beginner and advanced level classes.  This gives the student the opportunity to learn the art from
the master instructor.  Master Kim enjoys teaching and makes every effort to help each individual student
succeed in Tae kwon Do.  The School also features a fine staff of assistant instructors who have studied under
Master Kim, thus offering each student further individual attention.

The fighting techniques taught at TCS Tucson are practiced using full power, but with control, stopping the blow
just short of the intended target.  Since the objective of Tae Kwon Do is to defeat the opponent as quickly and
efficiently as possible, full contact is not possible without causing serious injury.  Students are taught from the
first day to execute every technique under complete control.  When fighting, if a student utilizes enough control
to stop short of the target, the student has enough control to carry the power of the attack through the target, if
necessary.  Power is developed by kicking heavy bags and learning to perform every technique properly.  
Breaking bricks and bords gives the student positive proof that power is being developed.
Grand Master D.H. Kim, 9th Dan, Chung Do Kwan
Kwon Do Chung Do Kwan Schools, Incorporated.  Formed from a desire to maintain the high technical Do Kwan
Schools provides member schools and students the opportunity to study in an alliance which upports individual
proficiency, experience, and progress.
Wikipedia - Chung Do Kwan